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Cooties Humor

Cooties, as everyone who has been through grade school in the United States knows, is a disease that is easily spread. It is a good reason for little boys and little girls to stay away from each other on the playground. For elementary school aged children it is serious business and something you don't want to catch! As an adult it is funny to look at the whole "cooties" mindset. Below are a number of links to places taking a humorous look at cooties and how it affects our society.

Cooties Outbreak at Local School

Fake news story about a cooties outbreak at a local elementary school. Humor and satire are a great lense to use for this topic.

Circle Circle Dot Dot by Jamie Kennedy

Music video for a Jamie Kennedy song called Circle Circle Dot Dot. The title of the song is of course the direction on how to innoculate yourself against cooties. The humor is not only in using rap, a traditionally tough genre, to describe child's play, but also in the use of legos for the stop motion animation.

Cooties: Spread the Truth

This video is styled after the public service announcement genre. It spoofs those ads that are meant to spread awareness and educate people about how to protect themselves against disease. In this humorous spoof the disease in question is the fictitious disease of cooties!



The photo at left is take from the fake news/ humor story about cooties from The image has the caption written straight on it. If you click on the photo you will be taken to read the cooties fake news story.

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Cooties Outbreak at Local Scholl.